New Update on Clash Royale

Are you addicted to Clash Royale? if yaap...
Here is the good news for you....

A big update coming up on Clash Royale gameplay. Below i have attached few sneak peek for up coming update. If you have any new idea let me know by commenting below and share with Clash Royale community.

Sneak Peek 1# 
Which is Live Spectating, and here on the gameplay you will be able to watch friendly live battles, also react when you feel so for the game.

Clash Royale will save best battle on the gameplay and you will be able to watch them.

Sneak Peek 2# 

Best news on this up coming update is more rewards for every game you play. So there is no frustration even though your chest slots are full. Read full details HERE

More update news Right here 


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