Candidate Donald Trump Vs President Donald Trump : A Fake President

Do you remember the candidate Donald Trump in US presidential election 2016? Since, he already spent 100 days of being 45th president of United States of America, I have tried to review his works and found he has changed his mind on five major things.

Let's try to remember his Five popular speeches he give to his supporters.  Many people calling him a Popular Fake Person. 

Candidate Donald Trump Vs President Donald Trump

1. Trump and WikiLeaks : Trump on WikiLeaks "I love WikiLeaks!" Till 2016 WikiLeaks helped him and WikiLeaks was in good favor of Trump. This is a huge mess and big leak of 2016 election campaign. 

.... "Trump campaign and the Kremlin while Russia was interfering with the presidential campaign."Read more on Businessinsider 

2. Issue with China: On presidential election 2016, Trump was total against of Chinese government and their developing economy in United States of America. 

On his 2016 campaign he said ... "Because we can't continue to allow China to rape our country"

Trump said he would turn around from China and America trade deals. He would not allow China do business unless China fix the problem in North Korea. He thinks China is raping America! 

But after he become president and met with Chinese president XI he actually Thanked Chinese president for doing business with America...

Trump said "I believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away" 

Trump to Chinese president Xi "So I just want to thank president Xi" that's how he changed his mind. Many of his supporters are telling him a lier and fake person for this. 

3. Syria Issue: Trump committed to his supporters that he would stay out of Syria but after he become president of USA he order missile strike on Syria in April 7, 2017. More than 50 missile has lunched on Syrian air base from American military base in Arab. Read CNN news

4. NATO: Before Trump become president he accused NATO is a "obsolete" and he would bring big change on Nato. But after he talked to NATO leaders his decision has changed. He says "It's no longer obsolete"

5. Trump's relationship with Russia and Putin: On presidential campaign Trump always told his supporters that he wants to build good relationship with Putin and Russia but after he become president he moved away from his promise. He is no longer good friend of Putin and Russia after Syria attack on April 7, 2017.  


It's clear to all of us that what ever Trump promised to the world on his 2016 election campaign was complete lie. He promised he would make great relationship with China and Russia but after 100 days of his presidency it's clear that he fail to build relation with this two countries.

Watch the video from PlayGround+ details on Candidate Trump’ and ‘President Trump. 

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