Six American Music Bands Has Copy Cat And Dog Group

Group of Cat and Dog Own Rap Music Bands ! These are the photo album internet is rocking about. What would you call these group of animal rappers?

Group 1: Cat Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Would you call them Red Hot Chili Peppers ?

Just put together

Group 2 : Cat and Dog FIFTH HARMONY

This rap group has dog member too...Would you call "FIFTH HARMONY" 


Group 3: Cat Guns N Roses?

Would you call Coldplay? or best Guns N Roses?

Group 4 : Cat and Dog One Direction 

Would you call this band One Direction?

Just put together

Group 5: Cat Linkin Park

Would you not call them Cat Linkin Park ?

Group 6: Cold Play

Would you not call this Cat and Doggy Cold Play?

Only one in bonus Snoop Dogg

Would you not call him Snoop Dogg?

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