What North Korea Can Do If There Is a War?

There are many news and talking going on about North Korea and United States's modern war. You probably don't know what is going on and what are these two country can do to the world. Many of you may be searching for the answer on google What actually North Korea Can Do If There Is a War?

Let's get to the root.... Why North Korea wants to start war?
And answer is no, North Korea don't want to start war. I am not going to start telling you the history of North Korea and South Korea but one thing you need to know that North Korea is under dog watch all the time from every sides. I mean, US is trying to stop North Korea making money and be one of the partners of Russia. US already stopped all the trades with China and North Korea by oiling China for better trade deal with America.  

United States and it's allies are punishing North Korea for testing Nuclear weapons. It's because North Korea is a threat for South Korea and South Korea has a brilliant relationship with US since 1950s.

Now, North Korea would not go for war if they were not forced to cut all the relationship with whole world. That's why North Korea has  world's fourth largest army for the future war against their country. 

We have seen many videos and news trying to prove that North Korea has fake missile and nuclear but few things you may want to be clear How much power really North Korea hold to fight back America and their allies? 

I mean western media are trying to rise the tension of war by publishing fake news online. So that North Korea attack US's base first to start World War 3. Any war brings a lot of money to Americans' pocket. Right now America needs war to protect their economy as they spend highest amount of dollars on their budget. 

United States is spending over $581 Billions of dollars on their defence. This is common sense though, if US don't go to war this big amount of dollar will go to waste. And inside the US unemployment problem, killing will increase. 

I would say North Korea has enough power to hold on to the ground and fight back to US. North Korea is ready for the war and they are prepare to take down Mr Trump. Currently North Korea has 70-72 submarines with Nuclear bomb to defence their sea where US has total of 75 submarines. 

North Korea has ranked 2nd country who spend more money on active military. 

Watch the video more explain How powerful is North Korea's Military?

Now, it's up to you! Believe it or Not, North Korea will destroy US if western media keep publishing fake news about their inside life. I see North Korea as a strong country getting power from Russia. Russian government would not like to loose North Korea as Russia can use North Korea against US if needed for Russian defence.

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