Why North Korea Is Testing ICBM Nuclear Missiles?

Do you know all the reasons behind the conflict between North Korea and USA? May be you don't know ! And may be it's because of "Over Excited" social media or you have not done enough study on this conflict. 

Now, before you find out if North Korea is a threat to USA or not you have to know 

"Why North Korea is Testing ICBM Nuclear Bomb and Missiles ?"

Right now there are nine country has nuclear weapons including Pakistan, India and North Korea. Russia and Soviet Union helped North Korea to build Nuclear weapon from 1950s till 1991. After that North Korea building their own Nukes. 

Map of nine countries has NUKES
All the previous president of United States of America failed to settle with North Korea on Denuclearization. But 45th president of America, Donald Trump forcing North Korea not to build anymore Nuclear weapons. Trump already asked help from China to cancel all the trade deal. 

Since Soviet Union collapsed 1991, the North Korea needs lot of resources to build ICBM Missile Nuclear bomb by themselves for their protection. 

North Korea already successfully tested short-range and medium-range missile. North Korea now testing ICBM (
Intercontinental ballistic missileTaepodong-2 type of nuclear missile for long distance target but unfortunately they have failed 5 times. 

If North Korea get Taepondong-2 ICBM missile working they will be able to hit USA from their land. And that what American president is worried about. 

Google map ,2017

Kim Jogn-un is on mission to build ICBM missile that can hit the target in 15,000 km (NK to USA is 10,337 km). First, missile goes to space, Then re-enter the atmosphere , and then hit the target.

Since North Korea has no other allies currently their mission is to build Nuclear missile that is capable to destroy it's enemy. 

We all have one question, "Why 8 other country don't destroy their own nuclear weapon?" 
Watch the video below explain "North Korean nuclear threat, explained" Video credit Vox

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