Evil Hearted People Left A Dog To Die With A Taped Mouth And Legs | Luckily Rescued By Plumbers

Plumber Carlos Carillo and his colleague saw something unexpected in a country road close to their work at Robstown, TexasWe didn’t know he was a dog at first,” Carrillo, an employee of Shoreline Plumbing in Texas, reported to The Dodo.

Dog was tied up with plastic tubes and mouth was heavily duct-tapes. Do was not able to make noise and could barely move. Heartless people wanted to kill this dog and left alone without no food or water. 

After noticing the dog Plumber Carlos Carillo and his colleague ran to the Peewee's Pet Adoption a Facebook dog community for dog shelter. 
"His tail won't stop wagging," community member stated to Dodo news. "He's such a sweetheart."

It seems like dog was calm and not violent to human. We are not sure why this dog was left to die and who did this. This is against humanity and animal abuse (which is crime by the law). If you ever face this kind of situation please call 911.  Right now dog is recovering his health condition at the community centre and ready to be adopted by kind hearted people. 

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