Four (4) College Students Were Beaten By Police | This Is How Police And Navi Officers Tortured on Students' Bum And Shaved Head

Local police in Chittagong, Bangladesh says these four college student were arrested for disturbing on duty Navi officers! But it's not clear what kind of duties officers were doing and why students would disturb them?

However , local and victims' parents says ! Four college students (Ashikul Haq , Mirajul Hasan, Shimanto Borua, Proneshjid Mojumdar) were arrested for no valid reason and tortured severity on their backside of the body, and after police shaved their head. 
All four students are under 20 years old. 

The worst part of the news is when parents went to police station to open a case against those offices they got to know that officers has already file a case against those students for disturbing local school girls. 

The REAL point is though, police said those students were arrested because they were disturbing on duty offices and Navi officers disclosed students were arrested because they are disturbing local school girls. 

Which statement is true then?

Source: Somoy News

FYI: Killing and torturing college students in Bangladesh seems regular but no one receive justice yet.  

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