Russians Are Not Welcoming Refugees but Bombing In Syria

Amnesty by strategy consultancy GlobeScan has done their survey on 27,00 people of 27 countries in the Refugees Welcome Index. The result is very shocking! 

China is the most populated country and has many issue in human lives. Although Chinese people are the most generous to welcome refugees in their home country. Countries' 86% family said they would welcome refugees in their family. Where Russia ranked least to welcome refugees into their country, it's only 26% people said they would welcome refugees. 

This is public index but the government has to decide what they would do on this refugee crisis. Many European country has already welcomed refugees from Syria and Iraq. German, Greece, France and United Kingdom has accepted good number of refugees over past few years. 

Canada has opened haven door for more than 30,000 refugees in few months. 


This Index explain what citizens think which government should do more to help refugees. Unfortunately only 53% Russian people think their government should do more on this refugee crisis where 94% Germany people think to help refugees. 

Reference: Aljazeera English  ,

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