Save Money With Top 5 Bank In Canada |Real Money Sense And Free Banking Guide In Canada

Saving money was never easy since we have the blessing of Google Search engine. There are tons of blog about "How to save money for future" or "How to use your money perfectly". Call this blog whatever you want to call. But remember we all make mistake and we learn from mistakes we make and help others not to make mistakes.

Using credit cards for all needs can lead you to debt and many of us already went for bank bankruptcy because of mis use of credit cards. On the other hand, many has earned rewards by using credit cards usefully. 

However, since we are in Canada and we have many opportunities and option, I would recommend you to use your Debit card for most uses. Yes, some people say it's risky to use debit card for everyday transaction but remember Bank has security on your every penny. So, stop warring and start using debit card for everyday use. Why should you use debit card instead credit card? 

Now, lets see which bank you should bank with and why? Let's compare UNFAIR banking fees.

1. Tangerine : Online banking make things easy and simple and you pay no banking fees. Tangerine bank is giving you to have freedom to make unlimited transactions every month. Top of that you earn up to 0.65 % interest on your balance. You will receive interest end of every month. Great customer service and mobile apps let you deposit any cheque. 

It's true, it's not a lie!

However, if you are a new customer and want to open an account you should have internet access, valid IDs and SIN number. Good news is, Tangerine will give you free $50 just to open a new account with them by using Orange Code (47035990S1). See details

2. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada): RBC is one of the best banks in Canada. It has all the product you need to success in personal and also in business.

However , RBC charge as little as $4 per month for chequing accounts with limited transactions. If you are looking for best customer service and want to access bank brunches you should go for RBC. 

3. TD Canada Trust : TD is always good to students. Most of the bank offer free student banking with limited transactions. TD has monthly charge for day to day chequing account. It may cost you $10.95 per month if you have account balance below $3,000. Also, you get TD Visa debit card which you can use anywhere in the world to withdraw cash. 

4. ScotiaBank: Another bank to help you with saving your money. ScotiaBank has many product and good for immigrant in Canada. It has less fees than other two banks but rated poor customer service in some bank brunch. Scotiabank offer you chequing account for $3.95/month with 12 free transaction. If you are making many transaction this bank account would not be great for you. If you use credit card to make purchase you can open account with Scotiabank. For every dollar you spend you earn Scene points forward to use those points to buy things online or watch free movies.

5. CIBC: I have rated CIBC 5th bank to help you to save money. CIBC do charge you $3.90 per month for only 12 transactions. CIBC do have good customer service in record. 

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