Amazon Credit Card is Closing in Canada and Claim your Amazon Rewards

Amazon Credit Card is Closing in Canada and Claim your Amazon Rewards

JPMorgan Chase Bank and are divorcing in March 15, 2018. All rewards Credit card holder has received letter from the Chase Bank on Jan 16, 2018. Many card holders are confused about the rewards program. 

Lisa Ema "I have received a letter from Chase saying that they are closing the program with I have never used my Amazon rewards and I saved it for my wadding shopping in Summer. Now they are closing in March but I am very confuse, and don't know what to do"

Many regular customer are not happy with this decision as some of them do shop for their business and rewards card allow them to save some money.

On the other hand , Chase has promised to give card holders dollar value for their rewards points. However, they have not made it clear how they will credit the dollar value to the card holders.

In the meantime, and Chase will not accept new credit card application and reward card will be removed from the account. Card holders will continuously receiving their statement and need to maintain the payment until the full payment is made. 

Some card holders has complain that this action has put them in mental stress as some can not pay the full amount of credit until 2020.

Mac Lori "I have credit of more than $1500 and I am just paying the minimum balance since I have lost my job. I don't have any job right now to pay it off and bank would not loan me. So, what am I going to do?" See the announcement from Chase

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