Can you trust Netcoin for crypto currency buy and sell?

Netcoin is one of the Canada’s crypto trading platform where you can buy and sell few crypto coins. Netcoin has easy user interface and because of the this platform is easy to use. You need zero skill to trade with Netcoin.

Need an account ?

Free $10 when you signup for first time

Is Netcoin decentralized ?.

No. Netcoin is a Vancouver based public company owned by share holders under Digg Digital Assets .

Can I buy/sell/trade Bitcoin from Netcoin apps?

Yes, Netcoin works like a swap network but it’s centralized which is very similar to Coinbase or

Since, Netcoin is made in Canada it is offering it’s users to fund the account for free with Interact email transfer. Users are also able to withdraw funds for free into their bank via Interact email transfer.

What are the Crypto coins I can buy/sell or trade on Netcoin apps?

Netcoin currently listed BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple), LTC (Lite coin) and BTC (Bitcoin cash)

Guide to add Canadian dollar on Netcoin

There are two ways you can add fund to your Netcoin account.

Adding fund with CAD Canadian fiat dollar through e-transfer.

Just to be aware when you are sending e-transfer to your Netcoin account make sure you are using your own bank account because name of the e-transfer must match with your Netcoin account. Yes, Netcoin do need your actual name like traditional banks.

Once you see above screen and go next system should generate an unique deposit number. Make sure to add your own unique number on the message section when you e-transfer from Interreact.

Secondly you can add fund by sending or receiving cryptos.

Funding with crypto coins could be expensive for micro payment because of the transaction fees. In this case XRP is way better as Ripple (XRP) has lowest transaction fees when you trade one crypto wallet to another.

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