Free and best Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards in Canada

How can you stop using credit cards in Canada?

You are not alone. People like me and millions other are frustrated with cheap credit cards. Credit cards are the most evil to make you spend more and more on things that you never ever wanted to buy.

Credit cards are designed to make you spend more currency even though you don’t have mean to spend. In Canada credit has became very easy to get. Loans, credit cards and line of credit are 3 steps way from your bed room. Now a days you don’t even have to go to bank to get credit cards. Because of these credit cards you are spoiled and have had put yourself in life time slavery without realizing the fact that you are a slave of banks.

Now, it’s time to give up all the credit cards and habit to use them for your everyday spends.

Below I have gathered list of best prepaid cards you can use for your daily online or off line shopping. But I do recommend you to use gold and silver coin for trade if you can use. I know almost no body accept gold and silver coin. Specially if you have to buy grocery from Walmart or Superstore.

For grocery and regular purpose I do use Paper cash currency so I am not helping card processing company to make money. Did you know credit card processing company charge business 1-3% for every transaction you make to buy something?

However, for online transaction I do use visa and mastercard prepaid cards so I am not directly helping banks to lend money on interest.

KOHO free visa prepaid card

Koho comes with free chequing account and free visa prepaid card. They also offer you one free virtual visa card number so you can start using your KOHO right after you sign up for account.

It’s very easy and helpful to track your spending. Specially if you live pay check by pay check this feature will help you to track all the cost of your living. Koho also offer 0.50 – 2% cash back on your spending. I don’t like the features because I have a feeling that this cash back is almost similar to Riba/Interest. If you are a Muslim you can just ignore to withdraw the cash back so you are worry free as much as possilbe.

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STACK Free Prepaid MasterCard

Stack is very similar to KOHO visa prepaid card. Stack and KOHO are working with Peoples Trust bank of Canada. Stack is offering free MasterCard and spending account. With Stack you don’t earn cash back but Stack do have affiliate with many business like Superstore, Walmart, Tim Horton, Starbucks etc. So, you can enjoy getting dollars $$ off/cash reward when you spend or buy things from those company.

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CIBC Air Canada Visa prepaid card

CIBC Air Canada visa prepaid card is doing well recently. Before they did not have smart account but now they do offer many features. This prepaid card is very good for travelers. This one single visa card offering 10 currencies in one card. And I like this card because the bank do tell you that $$ dollars are currencies but not money ! :p How honest ?

Anyway, if I am not making mistake CIBC Air Canada is not free to get one. You must need to buy some currency to get your account activated. But I like this card better than Credit cards.

Good things about this card is they are offering $10 for new customer. If you are new to this you can get free $10 CAD currency.

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I hope this short essay was helpful to your internet life so you can get out of credit cards and debt easily. Read my next essay if you like my writings. I thank you for your time.