How easy to print money

This subject is very open today and easy to understand for anyone. Central bank has allowed all traditional banks to create currency from nothing but typing few numbers in the computer.

This is shocking to me that almost all of the banker don’t know how they(banks) literally create money from nothing even though bankers work on their ass to make the same money created from nothing ! In the schools and universities your teacher don’t give lecture on this because they don’t know how the monetary system works.

University teachers have learned wrong and they teach you wrong. Most of the teachers are busy to teach you critical math but can’t teach you easy subject “What is money ?”

Since 1971 American fed cancel the gold standard from that time world’s money including US dollar – British pounds – Bangladeshi taka become just a claim check. Until early 2000’s banks used to print paper and plastic money but now more than 90% currency are digitally used. Which means these digital currency are made from thin air. But still governments are promoting fake and untouchable currency to it’s citizens.

Fintech 101 – Payments

Now , lets learn how currency created from thin air at your favorite bank !

Let’s go to your favorite bank RBC today in Canada. When you go to your bank and open an digital account with them at that moment you have just allowed the banker to create a digital folder into their (bank’s) internet server. What is Internet server ? That’s simple topic and you can learn anywhere. But let’s simple say it’s like your smartphone memory or space. When you take picture with your phone it saves into your phone or with iPhone it saves to iCloud. How about creating account with Gmail ? It’s same thing. So, you just created an email account like bank account with Royal Bank of Canada. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail sells you email account but banks sells you bank account. It is that simple.

After opening a bank account for you in their system your deposited paper dollar they keep it in their store room or cash drawer but by the help of computer banker just type that dollar amount in your newly created account. It’s just numbers. So, your paper currency has just became few digital number. What just happened ? Have you ever thought about it ?

I have thought about it and found shocking information. And today I am going to share with you as much as possible in this essay. Make sure to follow and read my next essay to understand complete package of unveiling faces of legalized thefts. In this essay I call banks are the legalized thefts in human history.

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