Shopper Job With Instacart in Canada

Shopper Job With Instacart in Canada

How to sign up for Instacart in Canada?

For the shopper job with Instacart smart phone is must. You must be tech friendly if you want to do this job. Most people earn $10 -$20 per hour with Instacart if they have a reliable vehicle and a smart phone with internet connection. You can download Android or IOS app to start the job.

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How to get pay from Instacart if you don’t have bank account ?

It’s true that having a bank account is Canada could be expensive but there is always alternatives. If you want have a paid bank account and want to get paid , want to spend everywhere you must know there are alternative and free service you can pick from. Many time, these alternatives are better than mainstream banks.

Free Visa card and checking account with KOHO

Get an account with KOHO. You will enjoy free service from KOHO with a free VISA card. With KOHO you can set up payroll for Instacart. It’s free and fast with minimum of 0.05 cash back return if you use KOHO Visa card to pay for your expenses. Get KOHO and pay no fees for banking in Canada. Want to get free $20 from KOHO ? Use the Referral code ( OM22N708 ) when signup.

Free checking account and debit card from Simplii

Get an account with Simplii online banking debit card and earn up to $200 for free. Simplii debit allows you to connect with Instacart payroll. After completing your payroll setup with Simplii you will get $150 reward. Earn extra $50 when you signup by clicking referral link.

Free checking and Mastercard from Stack

Stack mastercard and free deposit account. Stack also offer free deposit account which you can use for your Instacart payroll. It’s free and online. Stack mastercard also reward users for spending selected companies. For example: If you work for Instacart you will need to buy for your vehicle. Stack offers $1 rewards for minimum of $10 spent at any gas station in Canada. There are many other rewards you get from Stack for free. Get free $5 when you signup from this Referral link.

Get PC points and free Mastercard with PC Money

PC money account is offering free checking account with free Mastercard. You can use your mastercard anywhere as a credit card. There is no interest and you can earn PC optimum points for using this card. For every transaction you can earn optimum points and use these points for free grocery shopping at Shoppers and Superstores.

For every bill payment of $50 or more you can earn 1,000 optimum points. So , why just use PC money account to pay your monthly bill and get optimum points toward free grocery.

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