Why Mike Maloney buying silver for $25,000 ?

Yesterday Mike Maloney has announced that he is cancelling is order for new Tesla Roadster and buying $25,000 of pure silver to protect his wealth. This is very interesting that he thinks price of silver is comparatively lower than price for the gold.

Mike added that if recession hits the world he would be able to buy the same Tesla Roadster car for the $25,000 of silver that he is investing on.

Live spot price for silver

Since 2 weeks price for the precious metals are up and down. Specially price for Gold and Palladium are higher than ever.

Many people are predicting that the market for the precious metals will go more higher once crisis for Coronavirus hits the stock market. It’s been only 3-4 weeks that Coronavirus out breaks all over the world specially Chinese market. Government all over the world are artificially controlling stock market by injecting new currencies.

Chinese government has added huge amount of Chinese Yuan to it’s stock market for the support of Coronavirus outbreak. That’s why we see stocks are getting high even though reality is different.

Blogger comments : I think it’s time to act to protect wealth because all fiat currencies are about to collapse. Buy gold and silver now to save and protect your wealth from up coming recession.

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